Audio Setup All in place but still no Audio on Main Stereo Out

Really wanted to buy Cubase 12 , but I cant get Audio Output working , neither on Laptop at home and neither on my Behringer Wing at Church. At home: Studio Setup I use Generic Asio driver and Audio connections shows connected on Input and Output tabs and displays Connected and active. Also have selected monitor on track.
Tried everything , done everything and checked everything what I could find on Youtube, nothing works. Setup at church. running on Wing Asio driver all Inputs 1-24 works fine for recording but no outputs on 1-24.
Sound on laptop works on Youtube and other applications.

Win or Mac?

It was with windows 10 but upgraded to Windows 11 to see if it will solve problem, but same situation

TBH, read the manual.
Your Drums channel is Instrument channel. You can’t hear anything from a blank channel. Or at least you have to send MIDI to the instrument.

I have Groove Se on the channel with Pop5 and when hitting kick or whatever the signal shows on the Drum Track. Also the waveformshows on Groove Se and when hitting a pad I see the cursur bar playing through the waveform and signal shows also on Drum track.

The good news is that there is a signal on your input channel.
Now you need to create an audio track. The input of that track needs to point at the Stereo In channel.

In this case “Stereo In” is called “LB Input”.

The input of the audio track can also be changed in the Inspector (Left Zone):

Ok tnx I will try that. Is that how it supposed to be done with all tracks, in the tutorial video Jay of borntoproduce on Youtube it did not need to do that. Sorry I am still a beginner. Ps here is photo with Groove Se on the Drum track.

The input signal needs to be routed to a place that has an audio input => that’'s an audio track. A virtual instrument usually has a MIDI input but no audio input.
Can you share the link to the video that you mentioned?

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Could you try with the driver ASIO4All instead of the Generic one?

I notice that you have no input/output/control room connected, Need to sort that out before going any further I’d guess.
Maybe spoke to soon, didn’t read thread properly, I can see you do in first pics, but not the last one.

Maybe this could help.

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Thank you all for helping, I am still struggling but today I will try everything you guys said and posted, Tnx Johnny I tried but not familiar where to find the routing stuff, will read through manual today and try it. Mlindb , I took a pic this morning again, I have switched to Asio4all driver and connections shows connected and fine but still no sound on Stereo out. St10ss will watch your video link now. At church I had Asio Wing driver connected and mapped all input one by one from In 1 to In 24 and Out 1 to Out 24. Recording came out fine but when I switched on the Wing the Inputs are coming from Laptop on USB there was nothing. On Reaper it works fine. Wanted to do route it atchurch that way as I wanted to Waves Plug ins on Live Mix in church.

I made a screenshot where to find the routing setting for an audio track (in the Inspector).
Here is another one to help you find your bearings:

Hi everyone, I am sorted and I am so happy that it is working. I started this project following the Tutorial of Jay of borntoproduce and I am gratefull for the tutorial as it is really presented well, but i thought this to start a new fresh project and was thinking what Johnny said regarding an audio track. so as project was open I first made an audio track, did no changes to any settings on the track.
I simply dragged an mp3 audio file from desktop into track, and was amazed when it played with sound, then opened an instrument track ,loaded Groove Se on it and did nothing but had sound when hitting the pads.
Tnx everyone now I have 2 weeks less to try out Cubase but I am certain that I want to purchase it as I liked what I saw on tutorial.
Tnx to all of you ,you are a blessing to me to give me some of your time and knowledge.
Regards Wessel