Audio silence sometimes?

Sometimes I open up a session and I see levels but I hear nothing.

I open another template and it’s fine. then go back to the one that was silent and some times it’s fine and other times it requires a quit to be heard.

Switching drivers in device setup and then switching back does not do anything. Only closing the template and then reopening it or rebooting Cubase.

Does this happen to anyone else?


mine seems to do this too, I have a project I load that fixes it and often load that first and then the thing I want to work with over the top.

kinda annoying

I have a similar issue however in my case I often loose all recorded audio sound suddenly when a project has been open for hours. So no meter signal , no sound, it’s sudden, as if cubase can’t read the audio clips. A reboot of PC always cures the problem. Just closing and restarting cubase will not bring the audio back.

I turned off my overclock and set all the cpu heat related saftey features off and all my issues went away.

I’m running windows 8.1 but the beginning of the video tells you how to set the bios.

This fixed everything for me.

Loving 8.1