Audio slightly off tempo

Ok - first post. Bare with.
I have an audio track with a strong rythmic guitar sound and I cannot play the project from the start position. This is because if I play it from the beginning, the part is just slightly out of time, I think it is behind though it’s hard to tell. But if I drop in some other time on the part or before the part it is perfectly in time. This happens on all parts within the channel track. I fear this will come out on the mixdown. Is there anthing I can do?
Also, whether this is related I know not but when I play, the whole project occasionally slows down for a fraction of a second which really puts me off if I am recording an instrument along with the rest of the track.

PS. if there are any ammendments I can make to my signiture, let me know. Thanks.

Doving gently: Are you playing to a Click or use the Precount Click on the Transport :question: maybe use some simple Drums (Drum Loop) to help keep you on time :question:

I always start a Measure or two in. Do you have “SNAP” on or off :question: – What’s your Quantize value’s set at :question:

Jack :slight_smile:

Thats the thing, it is in time, just not when I play it for the default start of the project! I used a precount :slight_smile: I was thinking maybe its an asio thing or maybe my soundcard…