Audio sounds detuned. Is it the sample rate?

First off, thanks for taking the time to read of my predicament!

My guitarist has a Mackie DL32s, which we use for recording. Both he and I use Cubase Elements 11. I we started on a project last night, recorded guitars and laid down a simple groove agent beat. I copied the project folder to my flash drive and headed home to record some bass guitar.

When I opened the project at home, using my Steinberg UR22, the audio sounds detuned. I went to studio setup and changed the sample rate of my audio interface to 48KHz (it was set at 44.1). I clicked on the ‘use multiple sample rates in the project’ button and playback is back to normal. Only problem is when I mixdown to mp3, the audio sounds detuned again.

The project states it was recorded 16 bit 44.1Khz. I have a feeling it’s a newbie mistake, but does anyone have any insight in to what might be happening to cause this? We’re really embracing cubase and micro-studioing during these trying times, and this little issue is ruining the flow. :frowning:

Thanks for any input you may have.


Hi and welcome on the forum,

Make sure the Project’s and the Audio Device’s Sample Rate is always in sync. It’s the same for the player. If you play the MP3 back and the player has other Sample Rate than the Audio Device set up, it will be detuned.

Thank you Martin. The project sample rate was indeed different to the hardware sample rate. We re-recorded the track today, making sure the sample rate matched for both project and hardware, and it turned out great.

Thanks again!