audio static

Hi I have a zoom r24. When I have a guitar signal going through it it sounds good, a little noisy but works well nonetheless. my problem is when the signal starts fading out. it gets to a point and makes a lot of staticy sounds that get louder as the guitar signal gets weaker then it makes a pop and and cuts off the signal completley. The staticy sound is bad but still dooable, but the whole cutting off of the signal thing is not. I have tried every combo of adjustments as far as lvl’s go and really dont think thats it. Anyone else experience this? I have amd 6 core 8 gigs ram windows 7 prof.


Have you got a Noise Limiter or Gate in the signal path?

Thanks for your reply, I have zoom guitar processor going straight through zoom r24 with only reverb plug in cubase. So I guess the answer is no i dont have a gate or limiter, but it does have that effect of one with it cutting off the signal. Its not the pedal either since it sounds fine coming out of the pedal.

If the effects/eq are bypassed and the pops are still present, it’s not an effect problem. Is this reproducible on multiple takes? If not simply re-record over it. This may be a random glitch (which do happen occasionally).

it was a combo of da tube effects plug and a bad cable haha… da tube was i guess peaking (even though the lvls were no were near peaking) making it cut the edge of the sound off and the cable was making the awfull static noise… thanks for the replies!!