Audio - Statistics - Average RMS: Does not seem correct

I was looking to find the RMS of some audio files - I used Audio - Statistics and took the Average RMS (AES-17) reading. Most of the time it was way out from what the real value was. Eg, a file I knew was around -16 showed -41, and another I knew had an RMS of -17 showed -70. Another I knew the RMS of as -13 was bang on correct.

The way I did it was to import an audio file into a track in project window, highlight it then press Audio - Statistics. I presume this was the correct way to do it? Why the inaccuracies/inconsistencies?

agreeā€¦ its strange ! never understand how it works !(((

I think the RMS function in Statistics is faulty. I took a section of a vocal track, with reasonable gaps between the words, and the analysis said its RMS value was around -25dBFS. I then highlighted the loudest portion of the loudest word in that selection, and it told me the RMS value was -30dBFS! So, definitely something for Steinberg to look at.