Audio stems batch export

Hello! You’ve done a great job on the new queue export feature, but I’m sorely missing the option to export the entire “job” to one audio file. Now the cubase will solo each audio track from the “job” and export it separately. But it would be so great to be able to turn the “job” into an audio stem. Just add an option for each “job” “Mix down to one audio file” and it will be the best batch export in the world!

In addition to stems, this option would allow creating different mix variants - with lead vocals, without them, with backing vocals, without them, with and without master bus fx, etc. …


Yes, it will be useful



great idea +++

I’m amazed that this option wasn’t included! Surely it must have been discussed by the developers when brainstorming this new feature, or if not, brought up by a beta tester?


I export multiple mix variants / grouped stems (not necessarily correlated with mixer groups) for most of my productions. Lots of folks writing library music or composing for TV will be in the same boat.

I’ve previously automated this using a program called MEAP, but unfortunately MEAP’s developer has told me he has no plans to support Cubase beyond v.10.5, and it doesn’t work with the updated graphics in C11. So, ironically the new ‘time-saving’ features in Cubase have made it slower to work with.

I organise my grouped stems into folders (e.g. drums / keys / guitars).

Crucially, effects channels & sidechain feeds are set to Solo Defeat prior to Export.

It would be great to be able to e.g. Solo a folder, add ‘Mix down to one audio file’ to the queue; repeat with the next folder etc.

Yes, I would like to have the option of render stems groups with and without Reverb, and not have a dedicated reverb for each stem group, now I mute the reverb tracks but it could be automated

If you watch what is happening while mix downs are happening, you can see for example groups and their associated tracks being soled, so this seems to be working like MEAP or one of the batch keystroke apps.

If so it really shouldn’t be difficult to implement.



I included this request into this poll about audio export feature requests:
You should vote for it.

Love it… (the mockup pic) +1

Seems a perfect solution for SB to update/improve this situation - saves all that need for applying of sends to channels and adding dummy groups, etc… I have voted in the ‘poll’ thread already; just wanted to highlight this (potential) route for appraisal.



I hoped for this. This was the reason to upgrade to 11 in the first place. I’m slightly disappointed this time. Still in love with Cubase :slight_smile: