audio streaming problem

After going from Windows XE to Windows 7 on my laptop, I started to get intermittent playback (stop-start)- sometimes cursor moves, no audio, then sound cuts in, sometimes cursor just stops for a few seconds- on WL6. My Computer Guy thought it was because WL 6 was designed for Windows XE, so I upgraded to WL7. Same problem. Lots of RAM, lots of processing speed. CG thinks perhaps my hard drive (5400rpm) needs an upgrade to SSD. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

More info is needed. Which versions of Win7 and WL7? What is your audio device, ASIO driver plus settings (buffer size especially)? It is unlikely that a 5400 RPM disk should cause these issues…

Thanks, much appreciated… I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium on an ASUS Notebook K53E with 6gb RAM on a 2.30Ghz processor, 571 gb hard drive (2/3 free). Using Wavelab 7.2.1. Audio interface is TASCAM US 144 Mk 2 with latest v.2.03 64 bit driver, set on “highest latency”. I’ve tried playing with the buffer number under “options/audio streaming settings” in WL7 but no difference (is there a preferred setting here?)

Question- Steinberg specs for WL7 seem to want minimum 7200rpm drive or better… I am of course reluctant to upgrade if generally people can run WL7 on slower drives and if drive speed is not the problem with my setup. Again, thanks for any and all suggestions.


Sound like a performance problem.
How many (true) CPU cores? Two is more than recommended.

Its an Intel i5…

“highest latency”

What sample block size does that mean?

I’m trying to find out what “highest latency” settings signify. TASCAM manual/site not helpful. I’ll get back if I learn anything…


Here’s what I found

“Tascam are unusual in not providing read-outs of buffer size or latency value, preferring to label them as highest, high, normal, low, and lowest latency values. However, my tests show that the default normal setting is in fact 256 samples (nominally 6ms latency at a 44.1kHz sample rate), while the others are 1024, 512, 128 and an unusual 49 samples (1.1ms latency at 44.1kHz).

On other sites some users with similar problems seem to think ASIO4ALL solves the problem? Do you know- can this replace the TASCAM drivers?

And what should my latency setting/preferred buffer setting be anyway?

Thanks, all help gratefully received…