Audio stretching doesn't work correctly after applying variaudio


  1. Drop an audio sample/record smth. musical into audio track
  2. Use variaudio for pitch correct it
  3. Apply sizing (stretch it out 2 times or so)
  4. Change stretch algo to any elastique algo, accept loosing edits and continue
  5. Try to playback the result

As a result I have no sound or have sound that doesn’t correspond to its graphical representation

New win10x64 system
Clean installed Cubase 11
No settings imported from previous versions
No plugins etc.


I’m sorry, I can’t reproduce it here. Can you always reproduce it? Could you make a video screen recording , please?


Always 100% reproducible.


You even don’t have to do the Time Stretch step. Anytime you choose other but Standard - Solo algorithm, the VariAudio is not working.

Works as specified.

It is not about variaudio. It is working as it should.
This is all about switching to other algo right after the variaudio.
I don’t know if I’ve made this clear in my last post…
The resulting audio plays wrong (video explains it)
I guess I hear what I see - Am I wrong?



Now I understand and I can reproduce it.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Btw, it’s not new in Cubase 11, it seems, it is like this since ever.

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Thanks Martin.
Reported to Steinberg too (29.12.2020) without any responce.
I really dont know if this is called Support :rage: