Audio Stretching Question

I normally work in midi so please excuse me if this is fairly obvious.

I have a CD track imported into track 1 and a commercial backing track of the same tune in track 2. Track 2 is very slightly longer than track 1, so I need to stretch track 1 to match track 2 so they play together.

Can someone please point me in the right direction or manual page number to accomplish this task. I have the two tracks lined up at the first bar I just need to stretch track 1 so they play together throughout the song.

Many thanks


Hi There GAJ52,

There are a lot of different ways to accomplish the task (if I understand you correctly of course) :slight_smile:

I think the easiest way would be to simply switch your pointer tool into ‘time stretch’ mode, then click and drag one of the tracks to the same length as the other.

To do this:

  1. Position your mouses over the ‘selection tool’ (the little arrow or ‘pointer’) in the tool bar at the top of the main project window.

  2. Click and hold and a small drop down menu should open and give you a choice of three ‘modes’ for the pointer, pick the one with the little clock on it.

  3. Then cilck and drag your audio part or event!

Alternatively, if you press the “1” key on your computer keyboard several times in a row, the pointer tool will cycle through each of its various modes.

Sure hope this helps!


I have found the Time Stretch tool you are talking about but when I click on one end to stretch the audio file the whole file moves to the right. How do I anchor the beginning of the file so it stretches rather than moves ?

I have looked in the manual but can’t find any info on this Time Stretch tool .



Sorry about that. In order to make the time stretch thing work, you have to grab the part by the little white handle in the corner. (I failed to mention that). If you just grab it in the middle, the pointer works like normal and simply moves stuff around.

My Bad.

For advanced time stretch stuff check out Pg. 259 of the operations manual.

I’ve also attached a brief quicktime movie to this post that shows it working correctly. (when you have a hold of the handle, the icon changes to what looks like an alarm clock between some arrows)

Hope this helps!

Walt (845 KB)

Hi Walt

Many thanks for your help.

I watched your video and tried it in my project - worked a treat.

Thanks for finding the time to help me out :slight_smile:


Glad you’re up and running. Shoot me a PM any time if you hit another brick wall!