Audio Stuttering when using UR22c monitor out

I have a brand new UR22C connected via usbc to my Windows 10 Home (19042.685) machine:
Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB Ram.

Using the 2.0.4 Steinberg USB Driver. I also noticed this problem with v2.0.2

Whenever I set the UR22C Line as the default audio device in windows, any application that outputs audio (youtube on firefox, media players) will stutter while playing audio. The stutter happens every 1-3 seconds and lasts for about 1/4 a second.

This also affects my DAW, when playing back or monitoring with Reaper 6, the same stutter happens.

I’m using a 44khz sample rate and standard mode, 512 sample buffer in the usb driver. I’d like to use low latency mode and a tiny sample buffer to reduce latency, but I need to fix this issue first.

Fixed the issue by selecting “High Speed” USB Mode in the driver control center.