Audio Sync Issue with Video in Cubase & Nuendo

I’m encountering an audio synchronization issue when importing a video (MP4, H.264, 24FPS) into both my Cubase and Nuendo projects (48KHz, 24-Bit). Specifically, the video has a beep from the very first frame, but the imported audio appears to be about one frame delayed in the timeline.

To provide a clearer picture of the issue, I’ve created a screen recording comparing the audio synchronization between Cubase and Pro-Tools. Interestingly, the video plays perfectly in sync with the audio in Pro-Tools, while the issue persists in both Cubase and Nuendo, suggesting that it might be related to Steinberg’s software rather than the video file itself.

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Hi, did you work this out? I’ve just realised I’m getting the exact same issue, and that it’s affected all my past projects, meaning they are all out of sync by 1 frame, which I never realised. Very frustrating. If you zoom in on the file dropped into cubase, you can see that the audio is longer than the video file, which is very unusual. But as far as I can tell its not drifting slowly out of sync as if the audio audio was stretched that bit longer, it seems more like there is an extra frame at the start of the audio file. Because even if it was stretched and drifted, it would still be in sync at the very start, but it’s not.

I’ve done extensive testing the last few days. Exporting Prores files from Davinci resolve works fine, the audio and video. But if I export H264 files from Resolve, or convert a Prores file in Handbrake after, they both have the same issue you described. I have put both the Prores file (that works fine) and the H264 above each other on the timeline in Cubase, and it’s clear that the audio of the H264 file is behind, by a frame and a bit, which is even weirder. It’s obvious when listening too, as you hear a very quick slap back delay type effect.

But if I take this H264 file that Cubase seems to handle badly, and put it back in Davinci Resolve, it’s fine…everything lines up, audio and video.

I’ve tried all kinds of settings in Resolve and in Handbrake to export H264 files, but they all show this same behaviour. It’s driving me quite mad!

Another weird thing is looking through old Cubase projects, I can find some with H264 files where this hasn’t happened. I really can’t make sense of it

I’ve asked on this forum but got no answers. I wonder if you ever worked it out?


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Have you tried to set your frame rate in DFPS instead of FPS?
Ex: Frame rate is 29.97fps, you manually set it to 29.97dfps.

Hi, what does DFPS stand for, and I can’t see where that’s possible?

I’m really not an expert in video and things.
‘‘It is a method of counting the time that was developed for NTSC video, which operates at 29.97 frames per second (fps) instead of the more accurate 30 fps. Drop frame is used to ensure that the time code stays in sync with real-time, especially when the video is edited or synchronized with audio.’’