Audio timing drifting apart, obvious causes?

Hi all,
I was just wondering:
Is there any obvious reasons why some tracks will slowly drift out of sync from a certain point?
I have a bass track with a bunch of warps, edits and event slides, and towards the end of the song there’s notable latency, when I stop and restart playback, it’s all good.
Any ideas?
Would bouncing/flattening the tracks help?

And: ASIOGuard enabled, 128 buffers, 48 kHz project. Around 20 tracks, some samplers and MIDI, nothing out of the ordinary.


Here’s an update:
The track waveform displays normally, but the audio that comes with it gets more and more delayed as the song progresses.
Bouncing the track to a different track version actually enabled me to SEE whats going on: I could switch between the shifted version and the proper version with the waveform display changing, to greater degree towards the end of the song. This is weird folks and I haven’t seen this before.
Any help appreciated!


EDIT: There’s actually another track that does this as well. I do recall using the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” function (before I discovered hitpoints…) and Warp Audio Quantizing using hitpoints both on both tracks.
Maybe it’s something with those algorithms? HELP!

“when I stop and restart playback, it’s all good.”
Do you mean you stop and restart from the place where the latency problems occurred or from the start of the track?

If you use warping, make sure you have a warp anchor at the end of the place you want to warp, otherwise it will warp till the end of the track.

Also, if all the events come from the same original sample, warping the sample affects all of them since they are the same sample.

thx for replying! No, just starting and stopping about 2 minutes into the song when the latency becomes more obvious (it’s getting gradually worse as the song progresses!) fixes everything and then it slowly starts to drift again.
The “samples” are live-recorded (in the studio, that is) bass and guitar tracks, which I first tried to time-correct by cutting into short segments here and there and then I used “Sizing Applies Stretch”. No warp anchors involved, but shouldn’t it just stretch the event I applied it to?
Later I discovered hitpoints and I’m now using those with the audio warp, and that works great. Until now… :frowning:

Thanks for thinking along!