Audio to MIDI Conversion Question

I’m doing some drum replacement tracks. I converted the kick drum to a MIDI file (notes only/ no pitch bend). But instead of giving me a single kick drum trigger, I’m getting several notes, which are triggering other samples (cymbals, toms etc). So I did a select all for the various note events and typed in C1, which was the kick sample. But for some reason, the notes didn’t all become C1 pitches.

I tried grouping a dozen notes or so and used the same method. All of them turned to C1. So why aren’t all of them becoming C1 when I used the select all option? What am I doing wrong? This song is 214 bars long. I don’t want to wasted time doing 20 notes at a time over 8 MIDI tracks to trigger the samples I want. There’s got to be a way to do all of them at once on any given track.

This is my FIRST TIME trying any of these features in N7. Can anyone talk me through this? Thanks!

Also, my audio kick drum starts at measure 11 on beat 1. But the MIDI track version doesn’t come in until measure 14 on beat 3. The audio print was a solid event from Bar1 1 through bar 214. The Midi track is also from bar 1 through bar 214. So, why the 3 bar delay before I get anything from the MIDI track?

Okay, so the reason all the selected events are not becoming C1 is because they are moving to transposed postions relative to the command. So what’s the command that will tell them all to go to the same pitch?

I would use Logical Edit for this.

Select all of the bass drum midi notes in List Edit, then select Logical Edit. There you can say things like change note value to C1 if not equal to C1, then hit [Transform]. (I’m not in front of the screen at present, but I think that’s it).

Thanks a lot! I knew there had to be some way to do this! I’ll try it as soon as I get back to the studio!

Okay, I tried it. The Logical Editor had SET COMMANDS ( I didn’t see anywhere to write my own). So, it would only let me change all of the pitches to C3. But that was close enough, because, once I got all the pitches to C3, I only had to change one of them to C1 while still in the select all mode. Then they all turned to C1.

Thanks a lot. :mrgreen:

I’m pleased that worked for you.

It is worth reading about Logical Editor in the user manual as there is a lot you can do with it.

You can easily set up your own commands. For example, in the upper section you can say - if the midi event is a Note not equal(unequal) to C1 then , in the lower section fix the value of all notes that are not C1 to be C1. If you click in the box under each caption you will see all of the options available. Quite complex, multi-part commands can be set up and saved. The + and - buttons can be used to add additional conditions to the equations.

Hours of fun :slight_smile:

There’s a much faster way to do this. Simply use ctrl + enter when entering any value (almost anywhere) to force them all to absolute rather than relative.

Whoa! Great tip!! Thanks a lot! :sunglasses:

Well, in the end, it was not worth converting to MIDI. The amount of editing is ridiculous, especially when compared to just inserting drumagog or some other drum replacement tool. But it was a great exercise for learning more about the Logical Editor. Thanks a lot guys!