Audio to Midi converter?

Hi, I want to convert audio files to midi files, to then use on an older Yamaha keyboard that doesn’t support audio. Ableton have the perfect harmony, melody, and drum, to midi converters within there software, but I don’t have Ableton.

Does Cubase 12 Pro have this capability, or can someone recommend how i can achieve the same outcome on Cubase.

Many thanks


Veri audio can do less complicated stuff ,double click the audio, analyse the audio with veri audio, then export to midi.

If you open a chord track and then put a audio file in the chord track lane it will analyse the audio and give you the chord progression.

Drums, use hit point detection then export to midi.

Google the terms above and you should be able to find some youtube demonstrations .

Hope that helps

Hi gstar82

Yes, I see, that achieves what i need, thanks for your time.