Audio to MIDI - Volume Swells

I learned of the Audio to MIDI feature, which is awesome.

I’m now trying to get a horn to swell using the dynamics in “Extract to MIDI”. It seems to put the volume in the Kontakt instrument, and it is very soft.
How can I get the volume louder?

I hope my question is clear.



Select all MIDI notes and increase the Velocity in the Controller Lane or in the Info Line. The Volume is all selected notes will increase.

Thanks Martin!

I just tried that in combination to editing the CC data in the note, and it’s more balanced with the rest of the ensemble.

Notes seem to have a set of Continuous Controller data embedded in the note. Is this true? There is the controller lane, then there is a little white box at the end of every note. When I double click the note I get access to, what seems to be, extra CC data. Wild stuff! :smiley:


You can make a MIDI CC data, which is linked to the MIDI Note. Then we call it Note Expression. You can see the Note Expression editor, if you double-click to the MIDI Note in the Key Editor.

If you record/draw a common MIDI CC (you can see it in the Controller line), than the data is valid for the whole MIDI Channel and it’s not linked to the dedicated MIDI Note.

When you convert from audio to midi, you get an option to extrapolate midi cc data normally or as note expression

Awesome! Thank you for your replies. This makes total sense to me now. The CC data can effect the whole channel or just one note.

I’m off with new found knowledge.

Thanks again,