audio to MIDI

Does Cubase Pro 9.5 have the same function that there is in Ableton where you can convert audio to MIDI?

Monophonic audio can be converted to MIDI with varying success, yes. I don’t know how it compares to Ableton’s version of this though.

I guess the success varies depending on the source material but if you just have a melody playing then it should be able to convert that to midi successfully yes? How do you convert it to midi in cubase? is it from using vari audio?


You use VariAudio for that. Sometimes it will fail to detect two notes as separate (it’s tuned for vocals), but you can easily undo the MIDI conversion and then use VariAudio’s “Segments” option to split the notes. Pay attention to the dark pitch line and you should be able to figure out where the separate notes are.

Convert it to MIDI then polish the results a bit and you should get something really close to the original melody.

Melodyne rules that domain…it can scan polyphonic material… and you can erase some stuffs.
Pure voodoo magic!