Audio track image looks wrong

I will try to describe my problem as best i can.

When I import audio into my project, the initial image that opens of it within the project window is not as it used to be. It is now mainly grey, with no discernible wave patterns. When I double click on that, the audio editor opens and all the waves can be seen as usual. In fact when I expand the audio region so that I can see left and right channels, it all appears as just a grey block. This is happening to all audio…I have attached a screenshot. You can see a small waveform to the right of the audio track…
Please help!

Greyed Audio.jpg

Further to my comment above, it is almost as though the gain is too high - however if I lower the gain, the image becomes as i would expect, but the track itself becomes much too quiet (as you would expect)! So the image seems to be showing what the track might look like if I increased the gain massively…

Check the zoom slider in the top right of the project window, just under the ruler. It should be at the bottom not the top. You are currently looking at a zoomed waveform.

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