audio track insert automation ramps


How can i make a point to point automation line of an insert automation in an audio track in the arranger?
(ramped, not stepped and without having to place thousands of dots)


Use the line tool?

Doesnt work strangely
(Only works on instrument tracks)


  • make audio track with something on it
  • insert a fx plugin
  • automate some fx control ( move something on insert so you can choose the automation parameter in the dropdown)
  • try to use line tool. (Or create point to point ramp between automation points)

Result: only stepped function, line tool doesn’t work, point to point ramps dont work…

Works as expected - draws straight line.


i have pinpointed it…

its the filters of the m12 (arturia)
Filter A and Filter B cutoffs that somehow do not let me draw a line… lol - only stepped functionality in th eautomation lane…

I guess I have to take this to arturia then… (unless its a steiny issue, but i dont think so…)

  • does anybody have the m12 filter here?

    thx sven=)

Hi there:)

Sooo, after conferring with arturia support…

They believe that the issue lies with cubase…

Can anybody (who has the m12 filter) test this scenario please?
(Draw automation lines in a tracks automation lane for Filter A cutoff and Filter B cutoff)

Does it work for you?

Thanks a bunch:)

That would really be helpful to narrow it down

Funny, I just came across the same problem. A/B cutoff filters can’t be drawn in automation. Master cutoff can… it’s an Arturia thing. Soundtoys Filterboy frequency e.g can be drawn