Audio track overlay on MIDI track

Hey good people!

I want to match up the performance of the player with MIDI drums, to find out where the player does an accent (Forte). Now I have extracted MIDI from the audio track however, I’m still struggling to make this workflow efficient. I want to have an overlay in a similar fashion as on this picture I have created. I have seen some DAWs with this function. Does any other version of Cubase capable of this? If yes how can I enable it? I have 8.5 Pro.


So, you have just one audio track of drums? You can’t get separate defined MIDI for each part. That pic looks like BFD, where all the samples of each drum are individual, then you combine them together into a beat. It doesn’t work if you’re starting with just one audio track of all drums together.
Of course, if the tempo of the project matches the drum audio, you can zoom in on the audio track, and see exactly where the accents are placed in the bar.

In Cubase 9.5, you can easily have the sample editor open in the lower zone and the drum editor open in a separate window above it (or the other way around if you prefer).
This makes it easy to use the original audio as reference.

You can also use the In-Place Editor, but it doesn’t support Drum Maps.

Thanks for the replies.

In my case the audio track you see is a guitar player (me). :smiley: The drums need to capture the dynamics and feel of the guitar and they need to be locked perfectly. If the guitarist plays an accent a snare should trigger in VSTi (Addictive drums). You see… getting multiple tracks from nonexisting drum parts are meaningless. I am just about to create it from scratch based on the feel of the perfomance. Btw, I am doing great now. :slight_smile:

What I did was I re-recorded the part with electric guitar from line-input and then I extracted Midi from this much more dynamic signal. I made a snare rudiment out of the midi and I moved around the notes until I got the result which was in my head.

Thanks for the other suggestion also. I knew about it, and I tried it before and it actually worked. In 8.5 nonetheless. Sadly however, it is a workaround method. I used 2 in-place editor (audio track at the bottom and MIDI track above) however every time wanna do something outside of the in place editor it is a hassle to reopen the 2 again from the “Windows” section. If I click on the project window the in place editor will go to the background and I have to search for them.

I am not sure where I have seen this, but in an other daw you click on the in-place editor and in the upper left corner you could select a ghost-track overlay of your choise so you could match the performance between certain intruments.
For example: I would see great benefit making VSTi drums with Bass player overlay locking the 2 perfectly together. Chopping up the bass and audiowarp it to the drums could also work, but that would kill the human performance not to mention the bass sounds funny warped.

Note to admin: Since it is not possible to solve my issue elegantly, Please move this topic to the feature request for 10.0 version or beyond.