Audio track stops playing for no apparent reason

In cubase 10 pro, I’m working away nicely when the audio track that is my reference stops sounding. in the middle of playback. The playback continues with all other tracks ok, I can see the cursor move over the waveform, but it doesn’t sound. Import the audio (which plays fine in another app) again. All is well at first, then it happens again. Crazy making.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Do you have any volume automation on?

No automation. One thing I haven’t done before is tweaking the tempo so I could record midi events against an audio mix. I don’t think that should be a problem. Anyway, the problem is gone (for now) after a system restart. Bug? I’ll raise it with cubase design support if I see it again.

I have Pro 11 and it has been buggy as hell ever since the windows 2h20 update. I hope they can sort this one out.