Audio Unit Instrument parameter control live with midi controller

Hi all together!

I use Cubasis with my iPad pro for audio recording and all is working fine for me. It is really a great DAW :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now I am thinking about to use Cubasis for live performances as sequencer for some audio unit synths like Model D, Zeeon, Model 15, Troublemaker etc.

Here is my question: is it possible to map midi controlling special parameters of an Audio Unit instrument to my hardware midi controller? For example I want to controll the cutoff of an synth with my Akai MkII mini in live situation. I dont want to record automation, I want to control the parameters live with the midi controler.

Any ideas how to do this? Is there some kind of midi learn or mapping for parameters of audio unit instruments in cubasis?

Thx & regards!

Hi Lycaan,

Thanks for your message.

It always depends on the instrument in use what features are available.

To give you an example, please have a look at Jakob’s You Tube review from Nov 2017, where he demonstrates Zeeon’s MIDI learn capabilities inside Cubasis.

Here I’d recommend to get in touch with the 3rd party instruments and or effects app vendors, to check back with them if MIDI Learn support is granted for their apps via AU. Of course, I’m at hand to provide them with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes if required.

Hope that helps!