Audio units causes Issues

If I replace the drum instrument with digistix 2 it plays back as expected, but if I try to write or edit it causes all drum note s to play a click. The only way to fix this is to restore sounds then make the edits and reload digistix2, then it play back with correct sounds

Thanks for your message, Jamjam. Can you provide a few more details about what exactly you’re doing and what you find goes wrong, so we can look into this further?

I have a drum staff and it loads the stock drum sound. When I change the stock drum sound to an auv3 instrument it plays back fine until I try to write more notes on the drum staff. Most of the time after I try to edit or add to staff doricio plays a whistle sound for all drum sounds. This happens when in midi edit window as well. The way I have been fixing it is to restore sounds then reload auv3s. This is a bummer since restore sounds resets all settings for volume in other instruments of score.

Thanks for reporting this. I can’t reproduce this problem simply by changing the kit in Microsonic. I expect the problem is that changing the device is causing Dorico to lose the percussion map assignment. I’ll ask my colleague Andrew to look into this and I’ll come back to you. In the meantime I’d suggest sticking with the Microsonic kits for as long as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks for quick reply, look forward to it being fixed