Audio/Video Sync Issue

I just created an empty project in Cubase Pro 8.0.40 and set the resolution to 48K/24b. I also set the video player to onscreen window and left the Preferences > Video to default (Extract Audio, 50MB). Imported a 15’ video without splitting audio channels (not that it made a difference the other way). Under Project Settings I got the frames per second from the video (Get From Video button). It

The audio is ever so slightly out of sync. I have a Mac Pro with 12 cores and 32G RAM. I also have an RME RayDAT audio card that is virtually latency free. I opened an old soundtrack project with similar length video but there was no problem with that. What gives? All help is appreciated.

I solved my own problem. I realized that the director had given me a very large video file (7.5G).
I asked him to send me a reduced size file (under 300MB) and the syncing problem went away!