audio volume loss after export???

i want to export but with same vomule please.
I tried everything in checkbox options to see if there would be hopefully any difference : wav, L/R, mp3, change the bit rate, same bit rate as orginal project settings, broadcast wave,…,… Everytime the export audio mixdown is weak! ??? Why?
(in the past i worked with cubase3 , and there i never had that problem).
I would suppose that with cubase 6 everything would be better… but in my case … it is worse!!!
Please anyone knows about this issue…???
The only thing i want to do is a mixdown of the stereo output. This means my project plays like i would like it playing… , with al the correct settings on my mutings and reading options!, al the effects on like i wish, and the effects on my master stereo out…
I choose audio mixdown : stereo bus
result : twice as weak as original.
Where is the problem, and : do i something wrong?

Thanks for any suggestion…

How are you listening to the exported mixdown? Imported back into Cubase? Through something like Windows Media Player? Are you using Windows? Mac?

Inquiring minds want to know :slight_smile: .

Have you maybe go the Control Room switched on by mistake?