Audio Warp and Tempo Detection issues

going crazy with this. Just doing a practise learning on a complete song from the '80s. It was recorded without click track since tempo varies for about 10bpm. Also has a couple of “Bad” spots where Tempo Detection “looses it”.

  1. Cannot get the Tempo detection to work. Out of 160 or so bars it starts fine for about 60 than it gets off and stays wrong. Tried to fix up (with Audio Warps) and export audio and then import again and run TD again… A-a, still gives the same result as original (as if I never stretched and re imported).

  2. OK, gave up on Tempo Detection, tried to Audio Warp. I get my audio warp markers to straighten the tempo up to metronome. The tempo is variable. At moments seems too stretched as I can notice slowing down and acceleration of the music. Nevertheless I thought now I should be OK to change set any fixed tempo and have my audio adjust… No…If I switch to musical mode I loose the Audio Warp Markers. I go ahead and set Definition Manually… add a blue marker Stick for every bar on downbeat… No again: When I switch to musical mode (image 1 attached) the two rulers are mismatched and my blue definition marks are no longer at spots where they should be, next I turn variable tempo off and set different tempo: (image 2 attached), This aligns the rulers but the definition marks (blue markers) are even more off my bar downbeats… Another weird thing is once I turn Musical Mode, when I go back, this does not restore correct state of previously set Definition Markers (let alone that Audio Warp markers are gone)…

What is all that is gone wrong in here??

Attaching my whole Backed up project here:

Thank you.

Hi there

From what I’ve learned :

  • AudioWarp quantize doesn’t work good at all on material whose tempo drifts over time. That’s because it does not modify the event length but only corrects slight offbeat transients. That’s why you are experiencing significant stretches and squeezes when the audio’s original tempo starts to shift away from the project tempo
  • Musical Mode doesn’t seem to work good with “mixed” and long audio events. It works much better with short events and percussive material (single instruments). Also there currently are some issues with Musical Mode as it interferes with other parameters.

To get the expected results you should instead monitor the tempo click closely, and split the event at any points where the tempo changes brutally. With the Time Stretch tool (third option on the first tool) slightly adjust the length of the events until they match the tempo, and snap them back together. You can now use AudioWarp quantize on the individual events to make things even better (if needed). Believe me, the results will be so much better if you do that.

Hi Louis,
thank you much for your reply. At first it seemed that nothings works (for some reason on this attached tune)… I could not get it to work by extending the two pieces at split ends. Not sure why. I see I am missing half a beat (1/8) I add it, either at both ends 1/16 or at one end 1/8 but for some reason algorithm just does not see it and gives me the solution as if did nothing… I also tried every single the algorithm but alas… weird… I tried then to edit the results of tempo detection, but that is a lot of work… took me more than an hour to do the song (basically to adjust every beat, in order to iron out the tempo changes to be +/- a Bpm or two… What worked best is to split it like you said i.e at last good beat (on a full bar, so that next piece is starting at 0 or 4/4)… Once I did that I did tempo detection for each of 4 parts (that is how many I had after splitting) and each of the parts it seemed to be detected 100% correct. I decided not to fix minimal drifts this tune has and be happy to quickly resolve the main issue - which is: Song has 3 spots where it just has 3-1/2 beats instead of 4 (Never saw that before, it is not a signature change like to have an odd 2/4 in the middle of 4/4 and then back to 4/4, but just 3-1/2). Long story long, after I mapped the tempos for each of 4 parts I bounced them all together in one part and voila, just like a charm the song was in tempo. After setting the Definition-from-Tempo it worked like a perfect flexible audio! Could not believe it. I’ll try a few more problematic 80s music. Thanks again!

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Glad it worked !