Audio warp doesnt show for this track

Hello, theres this track that doesnt show “edit menu”, idk how its actually called but I mean THIS group of tools in the audio edit window:

In the image you can see the “menu” showing perfectly normal, but in the same project theres another track that I need to audio warp a little but when I open it it just gives me THIS, without the audio warp and other tools:

It just started to show like this, I might have mistakenly pressed some key shortcut to hide it or something, what can I do to get audiowarp option again? Thanks in advance!

The second screenshot is an Audio Part. This is a container for audio events, just like MIDI Parts are containers for MIDI events such as notes and CC data.

Audio parts are automatically created when you perform certain operations, such as creating slices from hitpoints. This allows the sliced audio events to still be moved as one unit. You can open the Sample Editor (the window with the AudioWarp menu) by double clicking one of the audio events inside the audio part.

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Hi, thanks for answering!
Yes thats it! Still getting used to the new windowing settings of Cubase 10 (I upgraded from cubase5) :smiley: