Audio warp fiasco

Hi…I’m in deep do do at the moment, working on a project with wav files from various other projects of the same song at the same tempo, decided it needed speeding up a bit so followed a cubase tutorial on how to do it…seemed easy enough but when I’d finished all the tracks were running at different speeds, so I closed the project without saving but when I opened it again the tempo was all over the place…each track doing it’s own thing…why, when I didn’t save it and does anyone know how to get my project back please…it’s supposed to be saving automatically every 15 mins but… where is it ?..thanks for any help…Kevin


Number of things could have happened, all operator error. Anytime I’ve tried new methods, it’s always on a copy of the project so if bad things happen… .

I’ll bet I know where it went wrong, but you don’t go into specifics of exactly what you did, step by step so anything is just a guess.

If you look in your project folder… do you have any auto back-ups saved there? If so load the one most recent to the point before things went wrong! (the files have the extension .bak and checking the properties should say when they were saved)

wow thanks for the fast reply’s…can’t thank you enough dickiedrummer for taking the time to help me…didn’t know what the bak files were…but now I do…thanks muchness…Kevin