Audio warp/time stretching?

Hi everyone, there is something i am not quite getting so i am hoping you experts can help me,
i always thought before i tried it, that with time stretching it would allow me to stretch a piece of audio from lets say 5.5 bars to 8 and it would keep the same bpm and play the full length of the 8 bars as if it was still 5.5, is this correct? or is this done with audio warp? so as above this is what i am trying to do, the audio file is indeed 5.5 bars but i need it to fit to 8 bars with no loss of tempo, can this be done? i have been using the elastic cursor for stretching, however once stretched to 8 bars it has slowed the audio down, which then is out of sync to the rest of the track, or?? is it audio warp i should be trying to do this with? if someone would be kind enough to give me a few pointers on how this should be done i would be truly grateful,
thank you so much


The AudioWarp stretch the Tempo and keep the Pitch. This is its task. If you want to use the loop for 8 Bars, change the tempo, please.

thank you Martin, could you be so kind as to give me a few pointers on how this is done?
thank you

Do you mean to change the tempo?

You can use the Tempo Detection, or Warp the Grid.

Hi Martin, i want to stretch the audio file keep the tempo and pitch so it goes from 5.5 bars to 8 bars with no loss of tempo or pitch, its an audio vocal file
thank you

It is not possible to stretch audio and keep the same bpm. It is for stretching audio while keeping the pitch the same.

You can keep the pitch and the BPM the same by doing nothing :smiley:

So to be clear…are you saying that the audio file sounds in time with your track at it’s current tempo??

Hi grim at its current tempo yes it’s in pitch, i thought i saw a video a while back where i could extend the length of the file and keep the pitch and tempo?
thank you

Hi grim at its current tempo yes it’s in pitch,

Yes…but I asked if it was in time!

i build the track around the tempo of the audio, so yes?

So if it is already in time, any stretch you make can only put it out of time.

As said already it is physically impossible to stretch audio and have it stay at the same tempo.

ok thx, i must have misunderstood something i read a while back.
Thank you