Audio Watermark

I don’t know if this has been covered yet, I have had a lot of music being copied from SoundCloud from Sound Drain and I was wondering if there is a way to encode some sort of “Tag” or watermark automatically? How are other users doing this?

It would be nice if there was a plug in that did this sort of thing.

Thanks for any help or direction to solutions…


Voxengo makes a plugin that adds a beep to the rendered file every so often. It’s useful if you’re doing a sample master for a potential client. The Voxengo website seems to be down right now so I can’t link you to it.

I’ve never heard of any kind of watermark plugin. Maybe you could just create a brief audio tag that you put either before or after your songs if needed.

I will check out the Voxengo solution. Thanks!

Here’s a link to the beeper plugin I mentioned: