audio waveform colour

Hi everyone :smiley:
I know I can change the colour of an audio waveform,but can I set one as my own custom one?Only at the minute it starts off black,once a recording is taken
I have looked in preferences but can’t see anything yet.And I have adjusted the brightness too,but that has not done anything



By default the color of the Audio event is inherited from the Track color.

And yes, you can define own palate of colours. Click to the Colorize Selected Tracks or Events in the Project window. Click to the Setup Colors button. Click to the Options and Append New Color. Define the color.

Now you can choose this color as the Track color, i.e. the Audio Event color will use the same.

Thanks Martin appreciate your help :smiley:
Had one of those senior moments or maybe it was the excitement of exploring Cubase 10 Pro :laughing: