Audio waveform question

I’m fairly new to using cubasis 2 and have been very impressed so far. The only thing I’m struggling with is the audio waveforms Are barely visible. The recorded signal is at an acceptable level however I’m just looking to increase the view size rather than audio level. Is this possible?

Also are we able to mix in post fader as opposed to pre fader? Couldn’t find anything in the options.



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One thing to check, is that “Low Waveform Quality” is unchecked in “Setup/Arranger”.

Another thing you could do is to zoom in the track.
Pinch and zoom above the track list extends the height of tracks, doing the same above the arranger changes the width of tracks.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Unfortunately none of those worked. Auria has a slider which increases the size of the waveform without increasing the audio. In this current state the app is crystal clear for recording but for editing its a no no due to being unable to see the waveforms. Which doesn’t make sense as the audio signals recorded are hitting middle of the faders.


Thanks for your message.

Did you check one of our included demo songs, such as “Smear”?

I’d call the included audio events of this project to be sufficiently levelled.
Do the events of your projects look similar?

The described options below hopefully helps for all regular use cases:

  • for more detailed editing, a double tap opens the event in the audio editor
  • the audio editor itself can be maximized to full view (plus waveform zooming is available on top)

Please let me know if this helps to solve your issue.


Thank you for the quick response. I have looked at all the other projects and the waveforms are fine. The recorded audio I have got in the session is a healthy level, not to low and not too hot.
Within the sample editor I have normalised the audio and the waveform gets bigger just like the project audio. However this isn’t the solution as normalising is just raising the overall volume without clipping but can sound overly compressed between loud and quiet parts. All I’m looking to do is raise the waveform view vertically to make it bigger not the volume. I don’t think it’s possible within the app at present however is needed in my opinion as not all waveforms are recorded equal and for editing purposes would help a great deal as opposed to normalising.


All I’m looking to do is raise the waveform view vertically to make it bigger not the volume.

Sorry that’s not possible currently.

I registered your issue as feature request for the future on our list.

“CBT-500 Zoom the waveform vertically to see the Details”

This allows you to see a specific detail of the waveform.
Procedure: Drag the vertical zoom slider down to zoom in or up to zoom out.


Awesome thank you. That’s exactky what I’m looking for.