Audio Wont Export

Im having a difficult issue here… either cubase will only export my midi tracks being played from my fantom x6, if i activate batch edit in real-time, or only the audio files (drums) ,if i do not export real-time. but of course i have to export real-time so the audio from my fantom will be recorded to the mixdown. however i can not get them both on a single stereo mixdown.

what could possibly be the issue? i must add that i do drag drop my drums from maschine as audio into cubase and then mute the groups in maschine so that the midi does not play along with the song. (for mixing purposes)

anyone? someone must know something…

Are all tracks routed to the main stereo output? And if so, are you selecting that stereo output in the export audio mixdown window?

yes… i even clicked the channel batch output to select stereo and mono tracks. the only time i dont hear the drums is when im trying to do the actual export. if i just playback in cubase everything is fine…??

could that still mean that they could not be routed to the main output? i created new mono audio tracks for each drum pattern right before i dragged them over from maschine. if so, how do i change the routing… (checking manual)

There’s no need to do a batch export. Just a regular export and make sure you select the main stereo output from the list on the left. And choose realtime export so it will include your Fantom’s sound. Let me know how it goes.

i have tried that a billion times and a number of combinations to export… the main stereo out, mono out, both,. this doesnt happen all the time. i have done some tracks the exact same way and it has exported fine on the first try. but it has also done this before and it seems like it decided to work all of a sudden on its on after countless tries so im not exaclty sure what i did. could this be a bug…?