First of all I can’t record audio into my music anymore even though I have been able to for months. My audio interface is picking up the sound but on cubase no sound is being noticed. Then all of a sudden all of my tracks and saved files have changed tempo and when I try to change it back it only changes the tempo of the audio that I have previously recorded instead of the whole track. I have never had this problem before but now every single track (even ones that I have saved ages ago and not reopened) has changed and I cannot change it all back which is very frustrating!



Hi and welcome,

First of all, double-check you have the right Audio Device (ASIO driver) selected in the Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System.

Then make sure Cubase Sample Rate matches your Audio Device Sample Rate. If it doesn’t match, this could cause the tempo shift. And it also could block the Audio Inputs.

Then double-check the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs settings, please.