Hi Cubase Team,

I bought Cubase Elements 7 and am using it in Windows PC. But I have a couple of issues here…

  1. First, why can’t I hear any audio from other programs while I have Cubase opened in the background?

  2. When I export my working file through Audio Mixdown, the WAV file cannot be played. And there is no sound coming out of it.

I have looked up in Cubase forums and tried to change things in Device Setup and VST Connections. But the issues are still outstanding. Can you please help me?

User: Jimmy

  1. Switch off the “ASIO-Driver when cubase runs in the background” in the device settings. If this doesn’t help your audio device doesn’t support multi tasking.
  2. Read the manual section about audio export. Maybe you haven’t set the locators.
  1. Make sure you have the proper output selected in the export panel.