Audiobleed UR22mkII

I have an audiobleed problem with my UR22. At first I thought it was just te mix knob for monitoring direct input or the DAW. Inconvenient, especially if you use the UR22 for guitar practice and the dry signal is leaking, but as long as it doens’t affect the recording it’s not a problem, right? Well it does affect the recordings. There is audio bleeding to my headphones (monitor) and to my DAW when I’m using a jack input (on any of the inputs) even if the gain knob of the channel is all the way down. Example: I plug in my guitar in the second input channel (Hi-z), turn the gain knob all the way down, the mix knob to DAW and still ( allthough choppy) there is sound going to my headphones and DAW. And when I record my guitar with the gain input turned to zero on the UR22 i still can hear what i’m playing.

The problem seems to occur on both channels (1&2) but only when using jack cables. (I tried different cables)
XLR connection seem to work fine without the bleeding.
Loopback is disabled and I’m using the latest driver.
I’m afraid the problem is in the UR22 itself but please somebody tell me I’m wrong. :wink:

Does anybody have a clue on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance.

Is the bleed-problem still present on Steinberg UR22C - anyone?