AudioBox ASIO driver vs AudioBox ASIO USB driver

My project was not playing audibly.

I checked my VST Audio System settings and noticed there are TWO Audiobox drivers listed.

I had selected the “AudioBox ASIO USB driver” and was not getting any audible sound.

I switched it to the one that says “AudioBox ASIO driver” (e.g. it doesn’t have the “USB” in the title).

And voila ! I now get sound out.

Can somebody tell me what the driver with “USB” in the title is and the difference between the two, and why the one without “USB” is the only one that works ?

I had thought logically to pick the one that had USB in the title because, after all, it run on USB.

What gives ?


The driver for your interface is provided by the interface manufacturer, not Steinberg.

Presonus frequently packages drivers for several of their audio interfaces during the installation process. It is up to you to install the correct one. This info would be found in your AI manual or on the Presonus site.

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