Audiobro Modern Scoring Strings Expression Maps Request

@John_at_Steinberg hello,
Excuse me for I’m disturbing you here about such request! :slight_smile:
I think worth you to take a look at Audiobro - Modern Scoring Strings and probably to spend some time creating Expression Maps for this nice library.
Why I’m asking you for that? Well, this is one of the very few major libraries on the market that provides opportunity for real Divisi. This function in Modern Scoring Strings seem to be very flexible, too.
As you know better than any of us how Dorico works internally, probably you are the one who could do this job in the best way. :slight_smile:
Would be nice to have VE Pro Template as well, not only hosted internally. :slight_smile:
Still I don’t own this library, so I can’t create the Expression Maps myself.

I would be very thankful from the name of all users who own this library, if you spend some of your time creating an Expression Maps set for it! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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Hi Thurisaz

I don’t have a license for this library either yet. If you do get the library, let me know as I’d be interested to look at the documentation.
It might be best to ask Audiobro if they would be willing to make the expression maps and playback templates for Dorico since they know their library best.
I can add it to my list, but it’s quite a long list of libraries at the moment so no promises!