Audiobus and cubasis not playing nicely

2 weeks in on my journey through Midi and Daw on the Ipad.
My reasoning on beggining with an ipad setup and not jumping into a full DAW was that it was supposed to be a simpler way to learn the basics…
Trial and error and a lot of patience is definitley the way forward.
I now have everything attached and to some degree working through cubasis, usb controller, volca, midi in and out, audio in and out. Iaa to some degree.
My last hurdle now seems to be Audiobus.
Audiobus works fine into and through cubasis when soundcard is not attached.
Audiobus works fine with soundcard attached through effects and audio out.
If I try to connect through audiobus with 6i6 attached and cubasis as on output, cubasis starts up then seems to hang.
Most of my other problems could be put down to newbie error, not sure about this one.

Ipad air ios 8
Cubasis 1.8.3
Korg ims20, Polysix, apps
Korg Volca Bass
Novation impulse


at the moment we can not reproduce the issue here and this might also be a question to Focusrite directly.

Sorry for the inconvenience… :confused:


Thanks for the prompt reply.
Hmmm, as stated audiobus works fine when connected through the sound card and say dubfx with audio being routed back to the sound card.
Cubasis works fine when connected to the sound card with audio and midi all working fine.
With the soundcard attached and cubasis operational if then try to open audiobus with cubasis as an output this seems to cause Cubasis to hang.
Cubasis shows as open in the iOS open app screen but will not open when I try to click on it.
This seems to be either an iOs or Cubasis issue.

Hi again,

You will have to contact Focusrite about this and report them your problem… please let me know the outcome and I am here to assist more, if possible.