Audiobus Input into Cubasis: no recording

Trying to record a guitar via audiobus input (apogee jam) into cubasis. It doesn’t work. Recording synths like nlog is no problem, but the recording of a audio signal is not possible. Already done a reboot and reinstall, doesn’t fix it. Screenshot shows what it looks like in cubasis, it’s the third track and there is a strange gain icon inside the track.
Is is a bug? Does someone have the same problems as me?


do you have WLAN activated while you are doing the recordings? I remember something similar, where it helped to enable Airplane Mode.

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Wlan is not the reason why it isn’t working. I’ve now reinstall audiobus and cubasis and it’s the same thing - no audio recording via the audiobus input slot. Is there someone who has done a successful recording with this setup?
Here is my audiobus connection:
And here the cubasis result:

Your pic shows you asigning the mic as input. if you just want to record guitar in to cubasis, you don’t need to use audiobus. Just hook up your guitar interface, create an audio track in Cubasis and hit the yellow monitor button. Then you can add an Amp sim effect and reverb or whatever.

If you are using a Audiobus supported guitar app like Jamup Pro XT (there’s even a free version) you can route it through audiobus.

I am experiencing the same problem. I use Apogee Mic (for saxophone) into Jamup pro into Cubasis with Audiobus. The connection is made (Audiobus/Jamup) but nothing gets recorded, even though it shows that it’s recording.There is an event folder, but it is empty. If mono input is selected, the mic works fine. So, at the moment I am unable to use Jamup with Cubasis. I would greatly appreciate if this could be looked into.
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I know that I can route a signal direct into Cubasis. I was trying this connection via the audiobus input to show that jamup or live fx is not the problem. By the way: Auria can do it. So I think it’s a cubasis bug… and not a small one. Can someone confirm this?

I just did a quick test and can confirm that Cubasis recorded fine from the mic input, and yet did not record from the mic input through Audiobus, with or without effects. Strange but definitely an issue.

Starting of this thread talked about guitar recording but by the end of it we,re talking about mic input recording and Audiobus. Sorry if any of my posts have confused the issue.


the issue regarding the microphone seems to be a bug inside Cubasis. We will investigate a fix for the 1.2 update.

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Same result here. I’m using Apogee Jam with input ase as mike, JamupPro as effects and Cubasis as output. Cubasis is definately not recording anything. Back to Auria for now. This needs fixing ASAP.

What if you have JamUp as the input? Why are you using Apogee as Mic?

Sorted thanks. I saw a youtube video of it being done that way in another DAW app and it works fine, so I assumed it would work the same way with Cubasis. I’ve been doing it that way with Auria with no issues.

Glad you got it working. :slight_smile:

I got the same problem with a phantom powered mic into the iO-Dock with AudioBus selected on microphone input and Cubasis as the output.
Changing only the AudioBus microphone input for JamUp Pro input does record with some nice distortion.

I guess it is more logically an AudioBus bug!