Audiobus input reset after undo

Hi I just noticed that Cubasis will reset its input selector to input 1 after undoing a recording .

So if I open cubasis,and start a audiobus app,cubasis will create a new track for that instrument, so far so good,
If i record on that track audio will appear,great .
Now if I dont like that take and hit undo,the audio will go and the channel will stay,so far so good,but for some strange reason,the input assingment fot that channel will revert to input 1 :question:
This looks like a bug its verry repeatable :frowning:
Wont keep me from making music right now,but needs a fix :smiley:

I’d noticed there was a problem but not that it always goes to track one.

I also noticed that even if you arm the correct track after using undo sometimes all you get us an empty box with no audio or with audio from the mike input when you do try to record.

If you eject the input App from AB and reload it Cubasis creates a new track and all is good again. That said I thought Cubasis was meant to know when you plugged an App in that you had already created a track from AB with and put it on the same track?

you can avoid recording mic input by accident when you just check (and change)the record input of the desired track manually before you record the signal.Somebody in the audiobus forum mentioned it seems animoog related.I had it only with animoog as well allthough i still test,i just bought cubasis last night :slight_smile:

This doesn’t sit with my tests so far. Sometimes just reselecting the right track to be on record will work. Other times however you need to eject the input slot in AB and reload it to get Cubasis track arming working properly again. It also doesn’t seem to just apply to Animoog but applies when the system is under pressure and possibly is triggered by using undo when running a complex setup? (I’ve had undo fail with an error message and whole sections of a project disapear :frowning: )

The default to arming track one and the drop out to mike input/no input seem to be different bugs.

Most of the things that go wrong seem related to the undo function. I’m beginning to think that currently the best thing is never to undo anything!


the resetting of the input port is a bug. We will investigate a fix.

Thanks for the report and kind regards,

I’m losing every Audiobus track recorded after using the dreaded undo button! It just wipes the timeline! Not saving the files or anything. I tried reloading the app with no joy. Really annoying. Been asking on Twitter other people are having no problems with it so really strange?

Hi guys found out via twitter talking to iOS music guys that a workaround is if u double tap on each track after u laid it down and select save to media option it saves the audio file so if u need to undo it has the route to do it. Don’t rename the file as it will not recognise it and wipe the timeline of tracks.


yes, if you save your audio files in the Mediabay they are stored at a place that is independent from the project. So it is indeed a secure place for your recordings.

We are aware of the Undo issues and will address them in the next update.

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