Audiobus support coming very soon!

Hi there,

As this question pops up very often here is the official answer:
We plan to support it and will include the support in a future Cubasis version as a free update! :slight_smile:

Edit - February 1, 2013:
Cubasis 1.1 includes already Audiobus support! :mrgreen:

Off to download now.
Wish Apple would just buy out Audiobus and build it in to iOS.

Thanks for info Crohde, but can you give us approximate ETA for AudioBus update?
The reason I’m asking is because updates for both Loopmash and Cubase IC came about 1 year after initial release.
Is 1 year wait for Steinberg to update their apps the norm and applies to Cubasis as well?!
As I have mentioned in other post, it took Korg to update ALL of their apps with AudioBus, Virtual MIDI and Background Audio less than 7 days and that includes Apple lengthy at times approval process… :wink:

Hi atlatneisiti,

We plan to update Cubasis way more frequently than the other apps you mentioned.
We will release Audiobus in a maintenance update and we are gathering user reports to make Cubasis as robust as possible.

Audiobus support will be super nice, great app so far, one of my favorites :slight_smile:

Thanks Crohde (again) for quick reply, I just hope that Steinberg app updates will become as “quick” as your answers :wink:
Clock is ticking… Let’s see when AudioBus enabled Cubasis will arrive… :wink:
BTW; To all the Steinberg Team, Merry XMas and Happy new year :slight_smile:
Thank you for C7 and Thank you for Cubasis as well.
Love it :slight_smile:

Cubasis is not really cheap … so I hope there will be several free updates this year !

btw happy new year to the team and all users…


Incredible news! You just sold me on Cubasis. Downloading now. Thanks!

While I also look forward to including Audiobus in Cubasis it’s limitations are becoming apparent.

It only has one output. So if one has midi tracks for two synth apps like Animoog and Addictive synth both feed the same output channel, with no mixer. Mix down becomes a series of run the midi, record the output, repeat for the next synth. Not that much better than copy and paste from the synths’ built in recorders.

Actually Audiobus provides 3 outputs.
See how it is implemented in Multitrack DAW - they record in parallel 3 instruments in to the 3 different tracks. I hope Cubasis will make similar implementation.


I notice you mention ‘Free Update’ as if this might be some kind of exception! Surely you can’t be planning to charge your customers for core updates like support for 24 bit audio, unrestricted headset audio input etc… And as a lot of your customers are expecting, to generally get this App up to scratch? I suspect that Steinberg may need to get into line with the more established audio app developers by providing regular ‘Free’ updates in many cases, for years!.. After all, if Steinberg are prepared to pay the extortionate commission Apple charges to sell apps via it’s store… Then they must already realise that this is quite a different market compared to PC or Mac.
Perhaps it might have been better not to have included the good name of Cubase in the title of this app in it’s present form at all!

Hi Wally,

No, you interpreted too much. I just emphasized the fact that it will be free to avoid misunderstandings or irritated on users asking if it will be free or paid. :slight_smile:

Hello crohde,
Though I don’t think it was just me that ‘interpreted too much’…
I do appreciate you taking the time to clarify the updates situation…

Hi crohde - are you able to give any more information on when the audiobus update will be available?

I tried recording guitar using the existing Amp Sim and it just creates too much feedback with an interface like iRig to be at all useful. AmpliTube even at very high gain settings does not have this problem and being able to use that with Cubasis would make the program far more useful.

Despite being limited compared to my full blown Cubase / MacPro based studio, Cubasis offers the ability to be creative anywhere at anytime and being able to record reasonable sounding guitar tracks with nothing but a simple extremely portable interface is quite important. So I’m excited about the App but i feel it really needs this update ASAP.


Hi there,
The update is scheduled to be available mid of February! :slight_smile:

Thank you crodhe.

In the meantime I see both Ampkit and Amplitube are not yet supported by Audiobus… so I’ll be watching them too.

I have bought both iRig and Ampkit LINK interfaces and have tried them with the amp simulation and overdrive in Cubasis. iRig is virtually unusable due to feedback but Ampkit Link works very well with no serious feedback issues. So I recommend that anybody wanting to record guitar using the Cubasis insert processing (which is all one can do at the moment) avoid iRig and instead go for the similarly priced Ampkit LINK.


I’ve been using Cubasis since the release, still can’t prize myself away from Nanostudio, you missed some vital tools out of v1.0!
Thats not to say it terrible, its actually great fun and the virtual MIDI is a breeze.
I would like to know the roadmap of the app - I’m prepared to commit to it if Steinberg are - As much as Audiobus would be a welcome feature, I’d like to think that you are taking into consideration the other requests flagged on here. Tuning samples, interface tweaks, making those pads into something useful. I see this as a far higher priority than Audiobus.
We iOS musicians are a determined bunch, I have no desire or time to transfer tunes to a desktop or laptop to continue work, I want to make music on the move - I hope that Steinberg embrace this, but until you do, the likes of Nanostudio offer a far more complete creative environment.

Good start - where do we go from here?!

Sorry for it , but Steinberg has lost me as customer ( iOS app) , the winner is an other very good DAW app. I purchased yesterday “Auria LE” . They sloved with an update the audiobus support on 23.01.2013. And its running perfect on my iPad ( 3.G. )

Really, my favourite would be cubasis because of the midi functions. But the most important for me was the support for audiobus. Its very poor that many different app developper does igonore this function right now.

My decision was to buy the DAW app which will solve at first this function. So I was waiting and watching every two days at the Cubasis and Auria app for updates.
Steinberg should think about this. I think there wouldn’t be many people which pay for two extrem expenisve apps.

I quite agree with you , AudioBus is something they should have implemented ASAP as a minor update to get ahead of the competition with the rest update to follow. They would soon have some more competition Apple Logic coming to iPad and a update Garageband.