Audiocation R128 Plugin totally crashes N5.54 64bit

Tried this out for the first time tonight. As soon as I loaded it into a slot on my main output bus in N 5.54 (64 bit) - the N5 froze solid…worse freeze I have ever seen - froze so hard in fact that even after I hard closed N5 via Task Manager - my second monitor continues to display the top bar of the R128 plugin dialog - almost like it’s burned into my screen.

Not sure if it’s the “mono” nature of the project I loaded (4 mono tracks to a single stereo output) or what.

Also - as a side note - this plugin has the single most god-awful uninstall routine EVER. Even if you run their uninstaller (if you can find it) - nothing uninstalls.

Truly horrendous…no wonder it’s free. I am off to find a better EBU 128 solution…


Try Steinberg’s Tool, it works quite well. The Toneboosters solution is also very good.

Found it…and yes - it works great. Cheers!


Another vote for the Steinberg tool.
I’ve also got the Toneboosters versions, and apparently the NuGen one is pretty good too

Yep, I’ve worked with the NuGen one as well in a studio.
Plenty of options available for metering now.
Unfortunately file based tools are still quite rare. I have worked with LMB and penguin and LMB is MUCH better (faster, and better GUI, options)