Audiofile export more filename attribute types

Cuurently I am working for creating loopsets.
In my workflow I have to render hundreds of files from the arrangement using the File- export- audio mixdown(between the locators).
In the filename attribute types I would like to have to have 5 free text fields and the left and right locators( updated from the arrangement) as an attribute
The filename convention:
Example of the filename structure

LNJ03_2 = freetext
Synth_loop= freetext
015 = Left locator

  • = freetext
    024 = Right locator
    G_Minor = freetext
    Dry = freetext
    Left and right locator values are separated with an -(minus)
    All other attributes are separated with _(underscore)
    For the left and right locator it must be possible to assign 2 or 3 digits format

Attributes: freetext(5) and left locator, right locator

This would be a huge timesaver and better for my RSI
Kind regards,
John van der Lugt