AudioLayer UI touch not working in Cubasis

Hi there team Cubasis.
I’m on iPadOS 13.2.3
iPad Pro 11.
I was using Cubasis today and noticed a couple of strange things.

Issue number 1 :
When i launch AudioLayer as an Auv3 and try to change the root note of a sample, Im unable to choose the parameter called “Root” and also was unable to choose the loop mode and the mute group option.
I could choose Rate and Sample. Really wired.
I closed Cubasis and restarted my iPad but the issue is still there.
I tried in BeatMaker 3 and everything works as it should, I could choose any parameter of AudioLayer.
The only work around is to put AudioLayer in full screen mode.

Issue number 2
I’ve also noticed that If I open an Auv3 in small window, then tap on full screen, then open Cubasis on screen keyboard, the Ui become strange, leaving a gap between the Auv3 and the transport bar.
Please look at the video for better understanding thanks.