Audiomontage - Bug with Files longer than 13,5 h


there seems to be a bug with audio files, that are longer than 13:30 h. If the file exceeds that time, there will be no audio in the beginning, for as long, as the file itself is longer. The workaround is to cut the file to stay within that limit.

This is for Wavelab 10 on Mac & PC. Mono Audio File, 44,1 kHz.

Yes with Montage something is very wrong just tested 24 hour audio file
and a sinus tone is not playing back before ca: 10hours
to be more correct “10 h 28 mn 24 s 452 ms”
audio file is 44.1 kHz, mono
playback audio file anywhere in “Audio Files” no problem

regards S-EH

I can reproduce (only for the audio montage).
There is an easy workaround that you might use: split the long clip in parts not longer than 10 hours.

Yes splitting is an option and in the rarest cases, the files are that long without any edit.