Audiosamples how to?


I know how to use Midisamples for example gutar, just follow chord tracks,
and easily change in the tracks with keyeditor

Tried to do the same with audiosamples, sometimes it works, but sounds a little bit strange. :open_mouth:

Instead I just do pitch up/down and thats works fine, but only with major chords,
How to do if I want minor or 7-shords? :blush:
Is there any better way to do? :question:

And in Mediabay with samples you have 4 bars, with the first bar with Rootkey,
but for bar, 2,3 and 4 it seems to be now system which chords.
I checked in Variadio to see which note/chords it´s in,
Is there any easier way to find out? :question:


Anybody there to answer? :open_mouth:

Help please! :frowning:

Not entirely sure what you’re trying to do.

Have you investigated using the sampler track? You can then essentially control your audio samples as you would midi. If you want more control look at investing in Halion 6.

Like Manike, I’m not entirely sure what you mean…