Audioshare support

Hello Steinberg Team.

could you please think about the integration of audioshare?It’s the main filebrowser for many if not most iOS musicians and implementing the SDK should be very easy.Auria already does it and it would be awesome if i could copy/paste my cubasis tracks over to auria in 24Bit.AudioCopy 2 does not provide this and i like audioshare much more.I’m not a huge fan of advertisement in apps either.Also,the developer is a really nice guy and super responsive.And has always an open ear for user requests and improvements.

Here’s an explanation how to do it:

"The SDK is extremely easy to incorporate in your own code, here’s what is needed to export a file into AudioShare:

[[AudioShare sharedInstance] addSoundFromPath:thePathToYourFile withName:@“My Sound”];
That’s a single line of code! Importing from AudioShare is a tiny bit more complex, but should still take only a couple of minutes:

  1. First, declare a new URL type for your app with the scheme yourAppName.audioshare

  2. Then, in your app delegates openURL handler method, call checkPendingImport:withBlock: to handle the actual import. The supplied block will be called with a path to the imported file, living inside your apps temporary directory.

  3. Finally, to initiate the import from your app, simply call [[AudioShare sharedInstance] initiateSoundImport];

AudioShare SDK is free and open source, and can be found here:
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!"

That’s what Patrick from SecretBaseDesign wrote about Audioshare integration:

“I’ve got AudioShare support in some of my apps already, and I’ll roll it out to the others in future updates. The SDK is clean, small, easy to use, and does exactly what it should do. And AudioShare is such a hugely useful app, anyone who’s doing anything with music should own it. Plus, Jonatan is a nice guy, and does a lot of great work.”

I would greatly appreciate cubasis integrating AudioShare. Thanks for considering this.

i´d like to see a proper folder and file structure in cubasis media mangement,
but supporting audioshare would be ok also.


Looks like Steinbergs back to their old ways, ignoring customers. It was fun while it lasted.

Well,i’ll be optimistic for now.i want to see it more like:“all of them (forum moderators included)have SO much to do with developing the awesome features and fixes the most annoying bugs that there’s no time to answer here” :wink:

That said i don’t believe in the automation update anymore.For this year at least.But hey,they listened to us.we got micrologue,a synth that nobody asked for.It’s awesome,i used it maybe 1-2 times.Maybe i would use it more if i could record some damn automation :neutral_face:

Hi there,
AudioShare is on our feature request list.


+1 Samplr just integrated audioshare export and I love it. super fast and easy. audiocopy is a pain now that it’s a separate app…

also +1 for proper folder structure in cubasis. it’s especially maddening that the included sounds and midi files groups are expanded every time I open media manager. if I collapse a group, it should stay collapsed until I expand it. seriously. I don’t even use the included midi files. this is not a dj app here, it is a creation tool and I’m not gonna use somebody else’s track and call it a song I wrote.

+1 I’d love to see this too. It’s a great addition for organizing things that are outside of Cubasis and getting them into Cubasis (and it’s own media bay, which could use some organizing functions too).