Audiowarp and MIDI tracks


I have read the manual and watched the video’s and I still can not get my head around audiowarp! I have an old track that is all MIDI tracks and a vocal track that was taken from tape. I re-made the track in SX3 by simply lining up the start and end of the vocal track and warping it. Now I want to do the track again in Cubase 6 using the new functions but the SX3 version causes it to crash so I have got the original audio and inserted it again. The problem is every time I try to change the length of the audio all of the MIDI tracks are misaligned from the bars! All I want to do is grab the end of the audio and stretch/compress it until it lines up with the MIDI tracks, how do I do it? It’s driving me mad, am I using the right tool? Thanks :confused:

Bump! Surely this must be simple, the closest video I have seen the guy audiowarps his file then has to move all his other parts to line up! This can’t be right can it? :confused:

It’s a little hard for me to figure out what exactly you are starting with … MIDI parts and audio are aligned at the start, but don’t finish together? Or something else? Not sure what you mean by the bit in red.

Sounds like (from your 2nd post) there’s a youtube out there that shows what you are trying to do, to one degree or another. Can you post a link to that?

Thanks for the reply but I have sorted it :smiley: It was not audiowarp I wanted! Under the select tool there is a little arrow and one of the options is to time stretch when stretching parts. Found it by accident just clicking randomly like a child. :smiley: