Audiowarp for adjusting an audio file with many tempo changes - the right way to use it?

Hello all,
I could use some help/input. I have an audio track integrated into my project : an orchestral waltz with lots of accelerandos and allargandos / tempo changes. I made the tempo track of the project fit accordingly (44 tempo changes within 50 seconds running time, between 20 and 220 bpm).
On this basis, I created a new arrangement and the original recording goes along with it perfectly synchronized (the tempo changes are very organic in the recording) Even if the new virtual arrangement already works well, I still want to keep the original recording running along.

Now the crucial part : I also don’t want to do without the original recording when I further change the timing/tempo of my newly created arrangement. Basically, I would have to link the audio file in the timing. But my initial situation is that I have already adjusted my timeline to the tempo (i.e. the tempo changes) of the Aufiofile. If I change my project tempo at one point (or speed up or slow down in general), I have to inform the file about the metric link.

Would this be possible with Audiowarp? Right off the bat, I can’t figure out the function for the application I need. Thanks in advance for any advice on this!